How to organize your business

Being organized is the kind of thing that can help anyone be much more efficient in their job. Organization is something that is essential for any sized business if they aim to be successful. Honestly, this is a lot easier said than done but the impact is undeniable. Most of us are extremely busy with heavy workloads and greater demands upon our time, making it a huge challenge to stay organized as the demands become greater and greater. What is also discouraging is that it is the demand our time makes it so that we become more disorganized a whole lot faster!

We have gathered a few practical tips on how to organize your business!

Several studies have found that the majority of us spend between 10 and 20% of our time each day simply looking for something that we are unable to find. If we were more organized, it would add as much as 20% more opportunity to get things done in our day because we would have more time available to us. Think about the possibilities! It is so awesome to think of what you could do with the extra 20% during your day to day. Naturally increasing your time can be a huge benefit when you are trying to be organized but there are plenty of other benefits also.  The truth is that the more time we spend looking for something that we are trying to complete, that we know is taking up too much of our time, the more aggravated we become and the less efficient we are all day long. This kind of frustration makes it difficult for us to work, get along with others, and focus on the task at hand, which makes our work life a lot more difficult and a lot less enjoyable.

Getting Some Help

Trying to make sense of your current position with organization can become discouraging. Before giving up, keep in mind that it is not impossible to change. There are manageable things you can do to start out the year 2018 that can help you to be much more organized in your business and within your own life. Whether you are the CEO of the company or starting a small business, these are the kinds of things that can help you to get this year off on the right foot. We always recommend asking for help from a friend or professional if you believe you are unable to organize your current state. Remember to start with one step at a time!

Start with Your Paperwork

No matter what kind of company you work for since there tends to be an abundance of paperwork. It takes a great deal of paper to run virtually any operation, and this is the number one area where you or anyone else within your business can become disorganized.

Even companies that scan everything that they have and turn it into electronic documents still face the challenge of staying organized. Every day, you will have new documents coming to you, either through the mail, email, fax, or some other kinds of means, which can tie up your desk, slow down your business, and create a mountain of extra work for you.

This is why it is essential that you start with organizing this part of your job. You should make sure that any electronic documents or files that you receive are stored in an appropriate place on your computer or within the server that makes it easy to locate. Documents that are not needed should be deleted or moved to an archive to reduce the clutter. Shred paper documents when you are done with them, or file them right away.

An important rule to live by is that your desk should be cleaned off by the end of every day. That does not mean to stuff it in a drawer. Get your work done each day so that you have no clutter to start the next. This step alone can make a huge impact when you start your next workday.

Use Organization Tools

There are great tools out there that can help you to stay better organized. Dropbox is one, where you can simply place documents that everybody has access to, or where you specifically give a document to somebody who needs it. The cloud is becoming a big part of any business success and needs to be a part of yours as well. We currently use Dropbox with all our clients to ensure that we do not misplace files and that we have a reliable system to use.

Calendar programs are also fantastic in helping you to be a whole lot more organized. If you have a business where there are meetings, promotions, or other areas that include a large number of people being involved, then having a calendar program can keep everyone aware of when they need to meet.

Use Vendors that Help

The people you hire to assist your business also need to play a role that benefits the organization. No matter what vendor you turn to, make sure that you are such that they can help you to be better organized, more efficient, and more successful.

One example of this can relate to the maintenance of your business. If you have one vendor that does lawn care, and another that handles snow removal or other care on the grounds, this will likely create a situation that makes the responsibility of the property less efficient. The more streamlined you become, the more efficient you and your business will grow. Sometimes it is more efficient to hire one company that can handle it all instead of having multiple vendors that can lead to more paperwork and confusion.

If you are going to succeed in today’s business world, organization is indispensable. The more you strive to be organized, the more productive you will be, and it will not be long before you find that you are performing better at work and seeing positive changes with your business and clients. As we start this new year, focus on these small but beneficial steps. We promise you that focusing on improving your work system will allow you more time to focus on what really matters – providing fantastic products and services to your customers.